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If you are building a new home or renovating we would highly reccomend giving us a call! Getting your home ready for the 21st century will not only increase the potential value of your home but could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Although wireless technology is great, it is generally not the ideal solution. Here are a few reasons to wire your home in the new-construction or renovation stage:


1. Wires give you the option for adding TVs, in-ceiling speakers, better wifi reception, internet/telephone jacks, cameras and more

2. Running wires in-wall during construction means they’re out-of-sight. No seeing messy wires in your new home

3. Wires can be buried/hidden until needed

4. Having to run a wire after construction is completed can cost upwards of 20x more

5. Wires increase the potential resale value of the home




Here’s an example of a wireless-security camera. Wireless-security cameras rely on being constantly connected to your home wifi network which often slows it down. Because they also require being installed near an AC-outlet, it can result in a messy installation.


Here is an example of a wired-security camera. Wired-security cameras don’t require being installed near an AC outlet which results in a perfectly clean installation. Also, not having wires visible makes it significantly more difficult for intruders to tamper with, or disconnect the camera.


Have no fear! We offer battery powered smart shades which can last 3-5 years before the batteries need replacing

System design and Implementation process

Every system we build is designed just for you!

Budgets & Proposals

1. Ideally, we meet in person and discuss your goals, ideas and budgets. During this step, we offer our expert advice and possibilities.

2. Once the initial design is discussed we will create a beautiful proposal broken down into individual rooms of your home. This proposal is a live document and has the ability to change if any alterations are needed.

Pre-wiring, product ordering, testing, pre-configuration

Once we receive the initial payment, we will begin to run the wires in the home or business during the electrical-construction phase. The wiring is required for the system to operate, this will be based off of the finalized design. We will also order the products to our facility. We order ahead of time to make sure all products are in perfect working order before being delivered to your home. This also gives us time to wire & install the product into the equipment rack.


Installation/Programming & System Walk-Through

Once everything is ready we will bring the products into your home and begin the installation and custom programming. Programming changes can be altered to your taste during this time. Once the installation and programming are complete we will walk you through your new Kamloops Smart Home.


Post-installation services

Our commitment to you does not end once the final payment has been made. We love establishing relationships with our customers, letting them know about future updates and upgrades they may be interested in. We also offer full door-to-door servicing and maintenance of your system.